S17 Prosthetic Hand: Critical Program Module/Firmware

This is the working process of creating the firmware for the prosthetic hand, to control the motors and the servo in the hand with the flex sensors attached to the customer’s foot.

S17 Prosthetic Hand: Custom PCB Layout Design

In order to control the Hand on this project, it needs two Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) to be wirelessly communicating to each other. One of the PCBs will be placed in the arm and the other in a containment box attached to the customers ankle that would have flex sensors attached on the inside of their shoe.

S17 Prosthetic Arm: Custom PCB Layout Design

To satisfy L1.5 Custom PCB Requirement – The prosthetic arm shall implement a custom printed circuit board (PCB) that incorporates a complexity of design, implementing at least 2 layers, and includes the use surface mount components.