Electronic Component BOM and Order: PeteBot


The PeteBot(3DoT Chassis) uses electronic components listed in the figure below. These parts include the electronic parts that would be used in making the project’s costume PCB as well. This list needs to be updated to include the new color sensor with its related components. As seen on the list, some parts have been acquired by the project’s members; however, the rest should be ordered.

Old PBot Parts list

Update: 11/19/2017

A detailed version of the parts list used by the PeteBot is added is provided in the figure below. All the parts used to make the custom PCB using the SAMBII are included too. These parts are being ordered by the members of the project are expected to arrive soon. Parts used in making the new Color Sensor Shield are included as well.

Updated PBot parts list

Color Sensor Shield parts

Written By: Muhannad Al Mohamed E&C DM

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