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    Jeff Gomes

    ArxRobot version Alpha 0.1.25 has been uploaded to Google Play at

    From now on, the version name should be visible at the lower right corner of the ArxRobot window. If your Android device does not offer to update your app within a reasonable time, please go to the URL above.

    The following are some highlights of what has changed since the previous update:

    • Added a Connection Configuration View with server presets in place of hard-coded server address (normally you will still want to accept the default, but now we have more flexibility for development, testing and demonstrations).
    • Implemented storing your Robot Capabilities settings in App Storage on the Android device. User eventually will be allowed to choose between storing capabilities there or in Arduino EEPROM. Currently the EEPROM option is disabled.
    • User can now post Robot avatar images online for the Control Panel to display in the map pop-up and in the position array. In the Login View on ArxRobot, the user enters the absolute http path to the web directory where these are stored. 5 PNG files are expected (with transparency, 400×400 pixels or smaller). They must use the following naming convention: beauty.png (for the map pop-up), front.png, iso.png, right.png and top.png. Two relative path options, “pathfinder” and “rosco”, are also available if you want to let the Control Panel use its stock images of one of those prototypes.
    • Added contextual help to the Login View, with tooltips that appear if you press and hold wherever you see a highlighted question mark [?].
    • We upgraded our SmartFoxServer installation, which has a new IP address. To get the latest version of the Control Panel and Server, please be sure to start your Control Panel session from the website and avoid using old bookmarks you might have made during previous sessions.

    We expect to be releasing another ArxRobot and Control Panel update in the next couple days, which will add the Custom Controls API we promised to those with walking bots that need to be able to change posture and gait.



    Thanks for sharing this information here. It is looking a cool and nice version than the others.
    I am willing to work with this for my future projects.
    Can you please help me to understand whole about this? From where i could get more information about its specifications and its uses?


    Jeff Gomes

    Please read the “Getting started” section. Also the videos at may be helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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