3DoT Chassis

Pete-Bot – Troubleshooting the GM6 Motors

Written by Zachary de Bruyn Troubleshooting Results During the integration of the peripheral devices it was discovered that the GM6 Motors did not operate accordingly. When the motors were inserted into the JP2 and JP3 ports of the 3DoT board, the motors would not operate with the provided code designed to test the GM6 Motors. […]

Pete-Bot Integration and Testing

Written by Zachary de Bruyn Setup Upon receiving the 3DoT v5.03, the planned peripheral devices were installed and initiated onto the board. The below table displays the ports associated with the 3DoT board, and which pins were connected to the respective peripheral device. Example, the VCC and GND of JP2 are associated with one of […]

Adapt C++ 3DoT Mission Code to SAMB11

Written by Zachary de Bruyn Purpose The purpose of this post is to instruct how to implement the 3DoT code for the SAMB11 MCU. Unfortunately, the SAMB11 is not supported by such a large community like that of the ATMega32U4. There is also not built in functions like there are for Arduino which simplify matters […]