3DoT Goliath

Rules Of The Maze (Robot Avoidance Rules and Strategy)- Part 2

Written by Nornubari Kanabolo MST DM Special Case 2.3(T-intersection) continued As Matt explained in the previous post, for 2 robots at a T-intersection: “In this case the robot that is within the intersection (in the middle of the T – intersection) has the lowest priority and must move out of the way of the other robots (if […]

IR shield Fabrication and Test

IR shield Fabrication and Test Written by Charles Banuelos(Division Manager Design and Manufacturing) & Muhannad Al Mohamed(Division Manager E&C) Approved by  Charles Banuelos(Division Manager Design and Manufacturing), Muhannad Al Mohamed(Division Manager E&C), Mark Huffman(Project Manager Goliath), Zach Oyog (E&C Sojourner) Fabrication Fabrication of the 3DoT IR shield occurred on 12/5/2017 due to the fact that Color […]

Color Sensor Shield: Fabrication, Integration, and Test

Approved By: Muhannad Al Mohamed, Charles Banuelos, Melwin Pakpahan Written By: Muhannad Al Mohamed Color Sensor Shield Parts and Design The parts used in the fabrication of each color sensor shields are the printed circuit board, electronic parts(two color sensors (BH1745NUC-E2), two LEDs (0603 package), two 150 Ohms resistors (0603 package), one 10k resistor (0603 […]