Generic Color Sensor Hedge follower PCB Layout

Written by Charles Banuelos   The PCB design below is for a generic hedge following shield. The PCB is a work in progress with the finalizing of the dimension dependent upon the testing of the color sensors. The LEDs chosen are significantly larger than the previous design and this is due to availability.

Generic Color Sensor Schematic

Written by Charles Banuelos  MFG DM The schematic below is for a hedge following shield that will connect directly to the 3DoT board. The design follows Thomas Forman’s designs from EE444. The color sensor chips have the addresses as power and ground which makes the I2C addresses 00 and 01. The LEDs chosen were chosen due […]

Spring 2017 Final Blog Post – Pick and Place

Belinda Vivas (Project Manager) Tyler Jones (Manufacturing) Kevin Ruelas (Electronics) By: Chastin Realubit (MST) Executive Summary Program Objective By: Belinda Vivas (Project Manager) The objective of the Second Generation of the Pick and Place is to: ❖Build up from the First Generation of the Pick and Place machine and create an user friendly design. ❖Create […]