ArxRobot Alpha 0.1.25 Posted

ArxRobot version Alpha 0.1.25 has been uploaded to Google Play at From now on, the version name should be visible at the lower right corner of the ArxRobot window.  If your Android device does not offer to update your app within a reasonable time, please go to the URL above. The following are some […]

EE400D Blog Posting Starter Kit

Blog posting instructions could be found in the following link: EE400D Blog Posting Starter Kit

A Guide to Getting Started

What is ROSCO/Telerobotics? Telerobotics is controlling robots at a distance — be it 3 feet away or half way around the world. ROSCO is the codename for RObot SCOut. This rover is made of entirely open source stuff — from the Arduino to the 3D-printed chassis and can be controlled over a web browser from […]