Spring 2016 3DOT Goliath, CDR Debrief

By: Ayman Aljohani (Project Manager) Introduction: Critical Design Review(CDR), is an important phase of the project, it presents the design of the project. It also provides a clear view on the project standing and percent completion. After presenting our CDR, we were debriefed by the president, and the customer on our presentation content . Here […]

UFO Torque Test Spring 2016

Posted by: Luis Valdivia (Project Manager By: Anthony Becerril (Systems Engineer) Table of contents: Test objective Test Procedure and Criteria Preliminary work Procedure Results Conclusion Video Appendix   Test Objective: To create stable flight, the current quadcopter must not have yaw rotation being created by the Electric Ducted Fans (EDFs). This torque test will measure the […]

LiPo Battery safety Spring 2016

Posted By: Luis Valdivia (Project Manager) Written by: Kevin Nguyen (Electronics and Control)   Table of contents: Introduction Using the IMax B6AC LiPro Balance charger Charging Discharging Using the Voltage monitor system Battery safety bag   Introduction: LiPo batteries are the most dangerous types of batteries in the world. They are very compact in size […]

Spring 2016 3 DOT Goliath body dimensions

By: Jerry Lui, Rickeisha Brown (Manufacturing Engineers): Given the requirement of having the phone housed within the body of the rover the body must accommodate for the dimensions of the particular phone being used. In this case, a Samsung Galaxy S4 is being used as the camera for the rover and has the dimensions of […]

RoSco Fall 2015 Prototyping and Design

By Gary Fong (Project Manager/Manufacturing) For our prototype, we put together some parts to simulate the lifting function because we did not have our 3D printed treads and wheels. Using moldable plastic, duct tape, tinker toys, and hard styrofoam, we put together a prototype. Here is a video of our rover prototype and here.  

Fall 2015 RoSco: Schedule and WBS

By Will McKinney (Project Manager/Electronics and Controls) Schedule and WBS A significant tool that we used in our project was our Projectlibre schedule. This allowed us to list all of the tasks that we had to do on this project and plan deadlines. As the project went on we could see where we stood in […]

RoSco Fall 2015 Solidworks/3D Model Design

By Gary Fong (Project Manager/Manufacturing) To begin with, it is important to understand the design process of our rover. The RoSco has four track assemblies that had to be constructed through Solidworks. This comes out to eight wheels, four tracks, 4 legs, pan and tilt, and one chassis that had to be designed. The tracks […]

Fall 2015 RoSco: Verification and Validation

By Will McKinney (Project Manager/Electronics and Controls) Verification and Validation Above shows our verification table. This was used to determine how well our project was built. The verification table was to be done in a lab environment. This is an effort to focus on meeting the requirements without having the course conditions affect the the […]

Fall 2015 RoSco: Power Budget

By Will McKinney (Project Manager/Electronics and Control) Power Budget Item Model Quantity Minimum Current(mA) Stall Current(mA) Voltage(V) Min Power(W) Max Power(W) Servo(Each Track Assembly) HD 1501MG 4 500 2500 6 3000 15000 Motor(Each Track Assembly) Pololu 120:1 4 70 800 6 420 4800 Servo(Pan and Tilt) Micro 2 350 1500 6 2100 9000 Bluetooth HC-06 […]