Fall 2016 Solar Panels: The Solar Panel Sandwich (the “Encapsulation”)

By Ridwan Maassarani (Design and Manufacturing) Approved by Inna Echual (Project Manager) Introduction In order to secure the cells onto the panel, one must consider the way of “sandwiching” the cells onto place. A rubber substrate was used for insulating the solar cells from the aluminum sheet. Here, I will review the “sandwich” method of encapsulation. […]

Fall 2016 Solar Panels: Mission Profile Update

By Inna Echual (Project Manager) Mission Profile Update The team received the PDR debrief from meeting with the customer and the president. A concern of theirs was that our mission profile presented during the PDR (1) was not updated as the Chassis group in the Thursday class had changed their course to an area with […]

Spring 2016 Pathfinder: Mission Profile and Project Objective Update

By: Peiyuan Xu (Project Manager) Mission Profile Update The team received the PDR debrief from meeting with the customer, student assistant and the president. One of the comments they had was that the mission profile was unclear. The team then develop a new mission profile which will clarify the confusion of the current one. Mission […]

Spring 2016 A-TeChToP Detailed Mission Profile

By: Cody Dunn (Project Manager) Overview This blog post discusses the Mission Profile in more detail and explains the California FITNESSGRAM, a standard test implemented at California public schools in elementary, middle, and high school.

Spring 2016 3DoT Goliath Final Project Document

  By: Ayman Aljohani ( Project Manager) Team members: Ayman Aljohani (Project Manager) Tae Lee ( Mission and Systems Engineer) Kevin Moran (Electronics and control Engineer) Jerry Lui (Manufacturing Engineer) Executive Summary Objective The objective of the 3DOT Goliath is to design a small-scaled version of the Goliath Tank, as a toy, that meets the […]

Spring 2016: 3DoT David Software Design

BY: Christopher Hirunthanakorn (Missions, Systems and Test Engineer) Introduction: The purpose of this blog post is to summarize all of the work that has been done for the software design of the 3DoT David and inform the reader of the final state of the software. It will cover the software flow chart to introduce the tasks […]

RC Control Spring 2016

Posted by: Luis Valdivia(Project Manager) Written by: Kevin Nguyen(Electronics and Controls)   Table of Contents: – Introduction – Transmitter and Receiver – Setting up the MultiWii – MultiWii GUI – Arming and Disarming   Introduction: Being able to use the RC controller early on in this project will be very beneficial since it will make […]

Spring 2016 AdBot Critical Design Review

The Rover should travel on level area, ramp area, and stair ways during the mission test. Critical Design Review By Dang Le, Project Manager Dang Le (Project Manager) Don Tran (System Engineer) Muhammad Ali Siddiqui (Electronic Engineer) Muhammad Maqbool (Manufacturing Engineer) Executive Summary Program Objective/Mission Profile Program Objective The project objective is to build a […]

Spring 2016 Additional Fan Bracket Design

Posted by: Luis Valdivia (Project Manager) Written by: Juan Mendez (Manufacturing Engineer) Table of Contents: Introduction Design Conclusion Introduction: Since weight became an issue with our vehicle, we had to think of an alternative solution to fix the yaw problem. Our alternative solution was to add an additional brushless fan to counter the yaw problem. […]

2016 Spring 2016: 3DoT David CDR ppt and CDR Debrief

BY: Omar Mouline (Project Manager), On 04/20/2016 the the professor Gary Hill and with the assistance of the President gave us a debrief on our CDR. in the link blow is the CDR power point that was presented on the 04/06/2016 : 3DoT David CDR First slide: Remark: Points were deducted For the picture used […]